TMHA High School Program

TMHA’s High School Program has been in operation for two full school years.

Since 2017-18:

• Over 650 Faculty, Counselors & Administrators were trained in either QPR or YMHFA
• Over 160 Student Leaders were trained in QPR
• Over 3,600 students experienced the New Perspectives curriculum and ALEC action plan
• We have worked with over 20 schools or school districts throughout the Central Coast.

New Perspectives is an original mental health curriculum, developed by TMHA staff and local High School teachers for presentation in 9th grade Health Classes—usually over two 60-80 minute periods. The curriculum provides each student with an overview of the most common mental health diagnoses for adolescents, self-care options, the ability to recognize when peers are in distress, and how to make a simple plan of action. A modified, age-appropriate version of New Perspectives is available for Middle School students as well.

An essential aspect of this classroom presentation is that our presenters are men and women with lived experience of mental illness. The greatest challenge in presenting information to adolescents is establishing credibility and engagement immediately, and our presenters—by weaving their stories into the lesson—do exactly that.

To see samples of the New Perspectives curriculum, CLICK HERE.

ALEC (Ask, Listen, Encourage, Connect) is a mental health action plan used to teach youth age 12-18 how to connect with someone who may be struggling with their mental health and/or in a mental health crisis. Participants learn a 4-step action plan integrating skills of communication, active listening, encouragement vs. advice, and best ways to connect a person in crisis to appropriate professional help.

The training focuses on shaping supportive conversations, discusses everyday situations a young person may experience, and addresses key questions like:

"Why we are afraid to ask personal questions?" 
"How do I just listen without giving advice?"
"How do I use empathy?"
"What if they ask me not to tell?"

ALEC helps young people focus on the real problems, not just the symptoms, and increases the likelihood of them reaching out for support next time they are struggling mentally or emotionally. To see samples of the ALEC training, CLICK HERE.

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