TMHA as a Trauma Informed Agency

We acknowledge and address the pervasive impact of trauma on our clients, family members, and staff, which means that we promote environments that support recovery and healing in all that we do.


Working from a trauma-informed lens on an individual basis means that we consider the whole person, including the experiences that have affected our lives. By engaging in trauma-informed care, our agency works to ensure that all clients, employees, managers, and directors alike are treated with the utmost respect, humility, and humanity. We do this for the benefit of everyone, because we work best when we’re working together.

TMHA‘s Trauma Informed Care steering committee regularly inquires into current practices and suggests improvements in line with SAMHSA’s guiding principles of trauma-informed care (located in SAMHSA's manual on Trauma Informed Care). The mission of the steering committee is to advise on the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that TMHA utilizes a trauma aware lens when addressing the needs of all within the organization.


You can view TMHA's Trauma Informed Care Implementation Plan here.

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