TMHA knows that it takes a village to build a healthier community. We are proud to partner with the following campaigns, which work toward our mission to eliminate stigma and promote recovery and wellness for people with mental illness.



Meaning “to surpass,” Superar is a Spanish short film which focuses on participants’ experiences of overcoming their unique mental health challenges by reaching for help. Subtitles in English.

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SLO The Stigma


SLO the Stigma is part of a broad effort to decrease stigma and raise public awareness of mental health and treatment resources in San Luis Obispo County.

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Each Mind Matters


Each Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement. Each Mind Matters was created to unite all of us who share a vision of improved mental health and equality.

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Know the Signs


Know the Signs is a statewide suicide prevention social marketing campaign built on three key messages: Know the signs. Find the words. Reach out. This campaign is intended to educate Californians how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, how to find the words to have a direct conversation with someone in crisis and where to find professional help and resources.

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Bring Change 2 Mind


Launched in 2010, Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M), is a nonprofit organization built to start the conversation about mental health, and to raise awareness, understanding, and empathy.

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The goal of OK2TALK is to create a community for teens and young adults struggling with mental health problems and encourage them to talk about what they’re experiencing by sharing their personal stories of recovery, tragedy, struggle or hope.

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reporting on suicide


Suicide is a public health issue. Media and online coverage of suicide should be informed by using best practices. Some suicide deaths may be newsworthy. However, the way media cover suicide can influence behavior negatively by contributing to contagion, or positively by encouraging help-seeking.

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