Community Outreach

In an era where mental health awareness is gaining momentum, community-based initiatives play a pivotal role in fostering understanding, empathy, and support for individuals facing mental health challenges. Presentations dedicated to mental health have become an integral component of community outreach programs, offering valuable insights, resources, and strategies to address and destigmatize mental health issues. These presentations serve as a crucial platform for education, destigmatization, and the promotion of overall well-being, contributing to the creation of a more compassionate and informed community.


Our Community Outreach Team provides a variety of presentations to the community.

Here are some of the presentations we offer:

TMHA Programs and Services

Central Coast Hotline Info Session

Mental Health 101: Presentation or Lesson Plan 

Personal Storytelling

Custom presentations for your organization or business!


Meet our team!

Kendra Belch- Outreach & Presentations Coordinator

Roberto Cueva- Program Coordinator, Central Coast Hotline

Shannon McDermott- High School Program Presenter

If you are interested in booking a presentation, please contact Kendra Belch, Outreach & Presentations Coordinator, at (805)540-6564 or 





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