Trusts & Wills

You can make a future gift to TMHA by including a bequest provision in your will or revocable trust. You control whether it is a precise amount, or a percentage of your trust. You can also modify your bequest if your circumstances change.

Equally important, you will lessen the burden of taxes on your family, and may receive estate tax savings. There is currently no upper limit on the estate tax deductions that can be taken for charitable bequests.

How does it work?

Come visit TMHA, tour our programs, and direct your bequest to the program area that holds a special place for you and your family.

With the help of an advisor, you can include language in your will or trust specifying a gift be made to TMHA as part of your estate plan. If you do not have a Financial Planner or an Estate Planning Attorney, we are happy to recommend one in your area.

There is also a remarkably simple alternative to support TMHA through a Planned Gift. You may complete a Change of Beneficiary Form to name TMHA as a beneficiary for part or all of your brokerage account, life insurance policy, or any other asset. This requires very little effort, and no reworking of a will or trust.

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