SLO Hotline Call Handler Training

SLO Hotline Call Handler Training

SLO Hotline Call Handlers are trained to staff San Luis Obispo County's only 24-hour mental health support, information, crisis and suicide prevention line. The volunteer position’s 32-hour training involves professional development unmatched by traditional volunteer programs. Participants learn communication skills, gain knowledge of mental health topics, and receive training to be a resource specialist.

SLO Hotline Call Handlers make a difference in the lives of youth, seniors, and families by helping them locate resources and support services. Volunteers learn the skills required to appropriately assist and refer callers to community agencies and aid in defusing crisis situations. This training requires participation in an internship May—August 2019.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Upon completion of training classes held on Monday - Friday, July 30 - August (9am - 1pm), ASIST August 29 and 30 (8am-5pm), and additional mentoring, Call Handlers are expected to make a minimum commitment of 200 hours (which can be for 4 hours per week for a year or 8 hours per week for 6 months). Volunteers answer phone calls on scheduled shifts. They commit to attending continuing education and skills trainings at in-service meetings. Job Environment Volunteer time will be spent in an office setting utilizing phone, computer, and office skills. Staff supervision is provided.

Minimum Requirements: 

 Must be at least 18 years of age.

 Strong interpersonal skills and oral/written communication skills; collaborative work style; able to effectively assist a variety of people and personality types regardless of ethnic, racial or religious background or socio-economic level.

 Must be reliable and have the ability to work independently.

 Must provide valid ID, have fingerprints live-scanned, and receive a criminal record clearance satisfactory to TMHA’s insurance carrier as a condition of volunteer employment.

 Must use reasonable precautions in the performance of one’s duties and adhere to all applicable safety rules and practices while acting in such a manner as to assure at all times, maximum safety to one’s self, fellow volunteers/employees, clients, and other persons contacted through TMHA business.

To Apply:

Please apply at or contact Caity McCardell, Volunteer Coordinator. For questions regarding this volunteer position call 805-540-6557 or

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