Albert Rea

Symphony of Madness

Digital art

8" x 8"

"Living with OCD can feel like I have no control over my own mind. However, the feeling of despair somehow strengthens my will to prevail and to master myself. It is like a war between me and my malfunctioning brain. A back and forth between torment and inspiration. Though my OCD is something like an awful chaotic noise, at times it also seems somewhat orderly and poetic, like a 'symphony of madness.'" - Albert Rea


The title is "Symphony of Madness," what does this piece aim to say?

I wanted to illustrate my personal experience living with mental illness. I have severe OCD. My thoughts sometimes feel out of my control. It can feel very chaotic, but more often it feels like my mind is malfunctioning in a very orderly and rhythmic kind of way.

Is the face in this piece inspired by a real person?

It's actually my face.

What themes do you like to pursue?

I like the idea that everything in the world is alive in a sense. I like to make abstract images and colors come to life and give them a personality of their own.

What memorable responses do you have to your work?

I like when people see my art and say things like "how'd you do that?"

What role do you feel an artist has in society?

Art is a form of communication. An artist's role is to explore the worlds within us and without us to discover truth, and share that discovery through creative expression.

I've noticed that this is a digital art piece, is this your preferred medium?

Yes. I like tech. It's a tool with unlimited creative possibilities.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

When I was younger I had a few simple ambitions: Understand the meaning of life, achieve a sense of mental peace, fall in love at least once, and make at least one good piece of art that expressed my view of the world and have it be seen and understood by at least a handful of people. I think I've accomplished that and more.


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