Brittany Lemmon

Listen to the Silence, It Speaks

Acrylic and oil

11" x 14"

"Quiet has been the best place for me to reflect and soul search. I’m moved by Native American culture and proverbs. Upon hearing this one (listen to the silence, it speaks) I decided to bring it to life with paint. In the silence, the stresses of the world or opinions of others melt away. I can decide what I really want, how I can get better, and lastly, how I can use my experience to help others. PTSD is loud, but peace is silent." - Brittany Lemmon

Following is an interview between the artist, Brittany Lemmon, and interviewer, Krystal Grisham.

YouTube links to painters that Brittany Lemmon follows:

Andrew Tischler's video on how to paint seascapes.

Andrew Tischler's video on how to paint a crashing wave.

Michael James Smith on how to paint a sheep.

Michael James Smith on how to paint an autumn tree.

Inspiration for her paintings.

Other paintings by Brittany Lemmon:

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Mixed Media on Canvas

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Oil on Canvas

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