Featured Artist: Jen Goodell

2023 Featured Piece

Finding Balance

8" x 8" 




Jen Goodell is best known for her colorful, pattern-filled paintings made up of compositions that display figures actively expressing joyous movement to create an uplifting experience for the viewer. She began her artistic pursuits by painting famous cities on coats and jeans to add a unique flair to her wardrobe in high school. She attended Murray State University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Surface Design & Weaving with an added emphasis in printmaking. Murray State University’s art program encouraged a more progressive style of art, so she attended Old Lyme Art Academy one summer to add more classical training to her repertoire. Upon leaving school, she moved to Louisville, KY where she settled into painting with an emphasis in creating a style that included the technical elements that she had learned in printmaking. Now, she uses a variety of techniques that allow for repeated imagery, like in printmaking, and hand painting to build up layers that give each painting a sense of energy and depth to which she adds figures, typically in motion, to create a sense of motion and lightheartedness and playfulness. She incorporates spray paint, acrylic paint, & oil paint to create her bright style of motion-filled imagery. Jen works as a Physical Therapist Assistant in the Home Health setting to fund her passion for art, as well as allow her to give back to the community and encourage people to find the joy of motion that she paints about.

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